E11 – Eric Nguyen – Humanising the Robotic Process Automation at Organization and For A Better Customer Experience

Eric Nguyen

When it comes to robotic process automation (RPA), Eric Nguyen is one of the most practically seasoned and experienced professionals in Australia.

He has over 15 years of experience in the fields of automation, data, and customer experience with a successful track record with companies of the likes of Telstra and Datacom. He is currently working as the Robotics and Automation Lead at Datacom, one of the leading IT services companies in the Asia Pacific region. 

His vision is to help businesses get the most out of the ongoing revolution of RPA and business analytics. Throughout his career, he has helped numerous enterprise businesses, government agencies and SMEs through automation, data insights, and agile ways of working. 

Apart from that, he has been a sought after speaker in numerous conferences across the globe. He frequently emanates his knowledge and experience as a featured speaker at various conferences, such as Delivery Customer-Centric Contact Centre Conference and Digital Automation & Transformation in Finance & Accounting Forum in Sydney and Singapore. 

One of his major concentrations is to put automation to work for building customer-centric contact centres. In the context of Customer Services – he focuses on implementing Robotic Process Automation, chatbots, and virtual assistants at the enterprise level.

The years of experience in working closely with businesses have enabled him to know the pulse of the people and what makes a business tick. He uses these insights to target and design the most efficient processes for automation. His work is built around business operations for real people with real values – both tangible and strategic.

In the episode, we are going to hear a lot about RPA in detail and in an easy to understand way from Eric. 

He shares with us some amazing insights about how automation can really speed up the process of working from home and make it easy for businesses who are struggling to get things done due to the worldwide lockdown situation over the Coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, we also get to learn from him about how businesses can save money as well as make money by implementing RPA in their organisations.  

How automation opens up endless possibilities and frees up time for employees to engage in creative thought processes and value-added service creation, but training and upskilling is required for the workforce to implement automation for the benefit of everyone. We also learn how as a business, you can start RPA and get benefitted right away leveraging whatever you have. 

Most importantly, Eric shares with us some very insightful true stories of RPA implementation and their impact on businesses. Also, how data and analytics actually function hand in hand to increase efficiency of both disciplines or departments. He also explains that if implemented correctly RPA can endow us with a sense of pride, creativity, and empowerment. 

Listen to the podcast for all this and much more! 

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