E13 – Richard Sanchez – Increasing the Odds of Students’ Success in Higher Education Using Data Science

Richard Sanchez

How is data science shaping higher education to be more effective and provide better students experience?

In this episode, we will learn all about student analytics and how it has impacted the universities to better provide the educational services from Richard Sanchez.

Richard is the Head of Student Reporting and Analytics at the University of New South Wales with an inherent passion for research, data analytics, and technology-led solutions. It can’t be a better mix of interest when it comes to education and data science. 

He has been working with the UNSW for more than 15 years now. UNSW member of the prestigious Group of Eight – a coalition of Australia’s leading research intensive universities and is among the top 50 in the world. Student Reporting and Analytics is a comparatively new initiative of the university for building a data-centric future. It aims to leverage data and analytics to build capability across the university and explore ways to improve the academic processes and student outcomes. 

Before taking up the role at Student Reporting and Analytics, Richard performed at multiple teaching and administrative positions at the university. Academically, he has a BA in Sociology & Gender Studies from the University of Sydney and an MA in Policy Studies from UNSW. Armed with this intimate understanding of the higher education sector, Richard brings his subject matter expertise and helps building data teams to facilitate advanced analytics capabilities for the student administration space at UNSW.

In this episode, Richard shares with us all that is going on in the space of student analytics at the universities of the world. The challenges of working in an emerging field and forging a new path of data and analytics.  

Above all, he reassures us that if done right data science can surely bring many benefits to our organisations. He also tells us about the philosophy behind a successful data operation that is the people-centric view of things and a data-driven culture. At the end of the day, it is the problems of the people that we are trying to solve using data and analytics, isn’t it?

Listen to the podcast for deeper illuminations on these areas of practical data science!   

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