E16 – Danny Leong – Revolutionising How Money Flows in the ASEAN Region

Danny Leong

If you want to gain a deeper understanding and an insider view of the world of financial technology, the CEO of GHL Group of Companies, Danny Leong, is someone you must listen to.

With over 20 years of experience in large-scale IT-Architecture design and implementation as well as business transformation programmes for large multinational and local companies, Danny is one of the major forces behind GHL becoming the leading payment service provider and one of the top merchant acquirers in the ASEAN region. 

GHL is listed on the Main Board of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange with an annual revenue of RM 350 million. The company equips businesses of all sizes with end-to-end payment services and leads the cashless revolution in the ASEAN region. With over 1,000 employees spread across seven countries including Australia, GHL processes over RM1 billion in transaction value per month. 

In his six-year career span in GHL group, he was Chief Executive Officer – Malaysia and Group Head – Strategic Planning before becoming the Group Chief Executive Officer. Through these positions, Danny has experienced the industry back and forth from the technology infrastructure to marketing and branding viewpoints. 

Before joining GHL, Danny was the CEO of e-Pay, the pioneer electronic payment service provider in Malaysia. At e-Pay, Danny transformed the company from solely a technology-centric company to a sales and marketing focused company with full payment service providing capabilities and took the company to the next level through innovation, cultural reenvisioning, and industry best practices.

In this episode, Danny and Jason cover a lot of grounds concerning business development using data and analytics as well as the new and emerging happenings in the world of fintech and eCommerce.

How GHL is enabling merchants of the ASEAN region to access cashless payments in the easiest way possible. And in doing so, GHL has already become the largest non-bank payment acquirer with 370 thousand acceptance points over 100 payment schemes and channels across the region.

In light of the rise of cashless and contactless payment systems, why it is essential for businesses of all sizes to have a digital presence with or without the pandemic situation that we are witnessing. There is also a lot we can learn from how GHL took the initiative to educate the merchants of all tiers to accept this essential technology.

Moreover, Danny also sheds light on the future of payment dynamics in the different regions of the world and how they are using data and business analytics to innovate new services provided to the merchants as well as help merchants to grow their business.

About creating a data-driven culture, we learn why building a data-driven organizational culture must start from the top and how Danny handles the challenges of becoming a data-driven multinational organization.

Hit the play button to learn all these and much more!  

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