E18 – Michael Patron – How to Build World-Class Teams with People Analytics

Michael Patron

Your business is as good as the people running it behind the scenes. And, what makes the people of an organisation perform at their fullest? What motivates them the best to come to work every day with joy and passion?

We will seek all these answers from a seasoned and expert HR professional Michael Patron. 

Michael is the General Manager of Reward and Performance at Tabcorp, a world-class diversified gambling entertainment group with more than 5,000 employees.

At Tabcorp, Michael leads the reward and performance function and is responsible for establishing and running remuneration and performance frameworks and processes which attract, motivate and retain talent and incentivises them to achieve strong personal and business performance outcomes. During his tenure, he has led the people integration project associated with one of the largest mergers in Australian history.

Michael has been working in the field of HR management and operations for over 20 years now with extensive expertise in Human Resource strategy development,  creating and implementing remuneration frameworks, incentive programs and governance processes, organisation structuring, workforce transitioning and planning, superannuation management, Human Resource and remuneration legal compliance, commercial performance management frameworks and people analytics frameworks and processes. 

Before joining Tabcorp, Michael has served multiple large companies, including Coles Group, Treasury Wine states, and Deloitte Australia. 

Academically, Michael has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with distinctions for computational mathematics, statistics, neuropsychology, research design, and analysis. This deeper understanding of psychology enables him to excel at people analytics and HR management. 

If you are a business leader or managing a team of people or playing HR functions in your organization, take this episode as a short, simple, and condensed crash course on people analytics.

Michael discusses all the possible angles of utilising the powerful tools of people analytics. Here are a few of the topics covered:

  • Tips for professional networking. Hint: Just put yourself out there!
  • Running and managing client-facing distributed teams with the help of data.
  • Finding opportunities for redeployment or cross-killing in difficult times like Covid-19. 
  • Initiatives to put in place for coping with the Covid imposed changes.
  • Why people leaders are increasingly relying on data analytics for insights and decisioning.
  • The impact of self-service analytics and the Criteria for choosing an analytics vendor.
  • 30% of time-saving for managers or people leaders in accessing info and making people decisions.
  • Key metrics to look out for while setting up people analytics strategy. 
  • How to use regression analysis, predictive analytics, and insights.
  • Proper philosophy behind recruitment.
  • How to integrate everyday values with culture and use analytics to make it consistent.
  • Final actionable steps to implement people analytics in your organization.  

Don’t miss out on these exclusive tips and insights into people analytics from Michael! 

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  • Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell



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