E19 – Robert Bromage – Aligning People Strategy with Business Strategy Through Analytics

Robert Bromage

You are about to get all of your questions answered regarding how to improve your human capital using data and analytics. 

It is through the discipline called people analytics or HR analytics and we have none other than the founder and CEO of intelliHR, Rob Bromage, with us to answer those pressing questions. 

intelliHR is an Australian HR technology business founded in 2014, providing a next-generation cloud-based people management platform to businesses worldwide. The company has advanced big data analytics capabilities at its core to enhance and improve the HR functionalities. In 2018, the company got listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). 

Before establishing intelliHR, Rob founded another company, APRG, a human capital management and consulting organisation. APRG also continues to provide talent management and workforce solutions. 

Rob believes that the traditional HR roles and functions are not enough to drive a company transformation to a truly customer-centric high-performing business. The HR itself needs to think by putting itself in the shoes of the customer and then develop and enhance the workforce accordingly. This is exactly where data comes into play, as the use of data analytical tools is essential for effective people management. 

This pragmatic and people-centric approach to HR analytics is what makes Rob and intelliHR so successful in designing highly-effective solutions and strategies for staff performance enhancements and better business outcomes. 

In this episode, Rob and Jason discuss HR analytics, people performance, and how IntelliHR solutions are getting the work done in terms of enhanced business outcomes.

The essence of this episode is really on how to use the technology as a framework to guide the continuous conversation with your team and employees, as well as building the right culture.

Once you have done that and are capturing the right data, you could then start looking at the sentiment analysis to understand the people’s happiness within the organization.

Once you figure out all these aspects, you will then be able to know how to improve the people’s performance using analytics. The end result of that is business performance improvement.

The topics covered also include but not limited to:

  • How continuous feedback cycle and data monitoring is the key to improved performance.
  • Why facilitation of meaningful conversation and improving the connection between the leaders and the team members are important.
  • Pitfalls of the annual rating systems and how to overcome the shortcomings.
  • Going beyond quantitative data and using qualitative data analytics for predictive sentiment analysis and keyword analysis using natural language processing. 
  • Intelligence augmentation for better decisions.
  • Sentiment analysis keeping privacy intact and capturing key information in the flow of work
  • Using software, tools, analytics for fostering a culture of trust, inclusion, and purpose. 

The focus should ultimately be on looking after your people and they will automatically look after your customers. 

How would you use people analytics and HR to optimise your team’s performance? Listen to the episode and please share your thoughts with us! 

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