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01 Sep: E3: Andrew Swindell – Information Architecture and the Data Ecosystems in Energy companies

Andrew Swindell is a TOGAF qualified Enterprise Information Architect and with over 20 years’ experience in the field of information technology and enterprise architecture. 

On top of the years of consulting experience in enterprise architecture and data analytics, he is also a speaker and an author. Andrew has domain expertise in asset management using technology across different asset intensive environments. He has previously delivered consulting services and projects in a number of companies including NSW Transport and BHP Billiton.

Currently, he is helping Origin Energy to move into a modern data architecture and upgrade its gas business portfolio with modern technological capabilities.

Andrew does this through applying architecture disciplines, engaging stakeholders at all levels including Boards and Executive Teams and driving a strong focus on collaboration and business outcomes.

Today, Andrew will share with us how data, analytics and enterprise architecture are applied in the gas and energy industry.

Andrew explores the role of Information Architecture, the opportunities it presents and the value generated from focusing on your data assets.

Please enjoy.

Favorite book: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t, by Jim Collins.

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09 Aug: E2: Dr. Warwick Graco – The use of Data Science in Government

Dr. Warwick Graco

Dr Warwick Graco is a senior director in data science at Australian Taxation Office (ATO). He previously worked for what is now called ‘Medicare Australia’ and was manager of a team that built machine-learning and multivariate statistical models to help identify fraud and abuse within Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefit schemes. During his career, he has also worked in Australian Defence Force as an army officer and served in a variety postings including time spent assisting with development and delivery of command support systems . Over the years, he has published a number of papers and other publications involving topics such as defence, strategy and analytics.

Dr Graco has been a practicing data scientist for 26 years. He was previously the convener of the whole Government Data Analytics Centre of Excellence, was a founding member of the Institute of Analytics Professionals-Australia and was a member of the 1st analytics team to be established at a Federal level in the early 1990s.

His current interests include knowledge acquisition, partitioning of populations and digital profiling. He is also interested in management decision making and the different styles of managers.  

In this episode, Warwick shared how data science is applied in government to help with meeting business outcomes. This includes, but not limited to, some of the special task forces setup at the ATO to combat the black economy and serious non-compliance. We also exchanged views on the future of a cashless economy and how it has the potential to increase revenue collection. In addition to the above, he also discussed the use of statistical techniques to identify different classes in the community such as different types of medical practitioners. One point he emphasized is how important it is for organizations, especially governments, to ‘dig the eyes’ out of data in order to improve decision making, to develop effective policies and programs and to deliver services to the community. 

Current Favorite book: The Second Machine Age Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies, by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee.

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01 Jul: E1: Damian Morris – Future of Intelligent Transportation System & the Role Australia Can Play

Damian Morris

A former CIO and CTO, Damian Morris has 25 years’ experience negotiating, developing and delivering mission-critical technology systems into the road infrastructure, finance, software and gaming & wagering industries. Damian’s career spans commercial, project & program delivery and governance, information technology implementation, people & management, corporate and strategy roles.

Damian now runs MOSO Consulting, where he works with his clients’ legal and commercial teams to negotiate design and construct and operate & maintain contract suites for the design, delivery, integration and commissioning of complex systems into large infrastructure projects, and their project delivery teams to help manage and govern their project programs.

A software engineer by trade (and an accountant for his sins), Damian is also the developer of MOSO Xmplify, a leading XML editor software application for Apple macOS.

In this episode, Damian and I discuss the challenges of delivering system engineering and system integration projects into large infrastructure programs, and talk about the role and future of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) in Australia and around the world. Both of these are enabled by numerous technologies that are undergoing rapid development, and are built on a backbone of pervasive, commodity sensors, communications and data processing infrastructure.

Favorite book is The Lord of the Rings.

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15 Jun: Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the podcast of Data and Analytics in Business. We will learn from the leading industry experts using data and analytics to solve the problems and create values in practice. 

We will also learn where their industry is heading to and how data & analytics will shape the industry in the future. Most importantly, how they are preparing their business for digital transformation and disruptions in the future.